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In This Special Report You Will Discover Exactly How You Can Cash In On The Google AdSense And Private Label Rights Crazes Right Now With Virtually Zero Investment Of Your Time, Energy or Money. Read On...

From: Dustin Struckman, Tuesday, 9:45AM
RE: A Truly Automated Passive Recurring Income Opportunity

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

How would you like to instantly cash in on all 3 of the hottest trends in Internet Marketing? First, let's quickly review what these 3 trends are, and then you'll learn exactly how to put them all to work for you.

The 3 Hottest Trends in Internet Marketing:

1) Membership Programs
Content Sites
Private Label Products

All 3 of these are red hot right now, and you're about to discover a simple, proven system that puts you at the very front of these trends. And this system will enable you to start a new business today without doing any of the "work."

Here's Exactly How YOU Can Start A Membership Website Of Your Own Selling Private Label Content And Products...

There are two things that people want right now, you're about to be in business providing both of them. First, everyone wants to build massive content Sites, so they can get a piece of Google AdSense. And second, everyone wants Private Label products that they can turn around and sell as their own. The problem in both cases is that very few people have the time or resources to either create the content required or hire someone else to ghost write it for them.

That's where you come in...

The average marketer's inability to create their own content creates a huge demand for it in the marketplace. Anyone who can fill this demand stands to make a lot of money. Any smart business person knows that the best way to start a business is:

    • First, you recognize a demand in the marketplace.
    • Then you supply products or services to fill this demand.

It's simple! You've already recognized the demand for content, so now all you have to do is become the content supplier.

Here's exactly what you do:

Start selling Private Label Articles through your own monthly membership site. Deliver 250 high-quality articles a month and your customers will happily pay you every month for this service. To make it successful, pick 10 hot niches each month with 25 articles in each niche and give your customers the Private Label Rights to them. Your customers can then either use to articles build content sites or bundle multiple articles from a single niche into products they can sell as their own. This is an extremely valuable service that's easy for you to sell. Trust me, I know because I've been running one for almost a year. So the next logical question is...

How On Earth Are You Going To Write
250 Articles Each And Every Month?

Well, what if I told you that you don't have to write a single article to make this plan work? In fact, you can get started in this business and not have to write anything at all. And, I'm not talking about hiring ghost writers to write these articles for you either. That would be way too expensive, as you'll see in a minute...

What I'm talking about here is turn-key program you can start using right now without any effort on your part. No tricks, no gimmicks just a simple system to automate the entire business for you from start to finish.

How would you like to:

Receive a steady, guaranteed and passive recurring income every month
Generate multiple streams of income, or simply add one more to your existing line-up with no extra effort
Collect money each and every month without lifting a finger
Start this new business instantly! As in Right NOW!

Introducing the ArticleApe Reseller Program

The ArticleApe Reseller Program allows you to receive all these benefits by starting your own article membership site today. And, as you will soon see, every obstacle to starting your new business has been removed for you. You will be provided with everything you need (including the articles to sell) so you can get started immediately and with zero effort. In fact, this program is so fool-proof and simple even a monkey could make money with it!

Finally YOU Can Start Your Very Own Membership Website,
And Run It On Auto-pilot . . . Without Lifting A Finger!

You're already well aware that membership sites are the fastest and easiest way to create a steady and recurring monthly income. And you may also know that one of the hottest membership sites you could possibly own is an article membership site.

Here's why...

First, articles are in extremely high demand right now. Remember everyone is looking for fresh, quality content to put up on their site. The AdSense craze has created an insatiable appetite for articles, but few people have time to write them for themselves.

And second, everyone wants products they can sell as their own. But again, most people lack the skills to create these products. However, if they are given 250 articles each month, they can easily turn those into eBooks to sell. Just look at the success of "product in the rough" membership sites.

These two high-demand markets result in instant cash machine for you IF you can provide people with quality articles.

Well, that's what makes the ArticleApe Reseller Program the perfect income opportunity for you. You see, absolutely everything you need to get started right now and successfully run your very own article membership site will be provided to you in this program. This is a 100% turn-key business opportunity for you like nothing you've seen before.

Here's exactly what you get:

    • 250 High-Quality, Professionally Written Articles in 10 Hot Niches Each and Every Month
    • Private Label Resale Rights to These Fresh, High-Quality Articles
    • Beautiful Custom Designed Reseller Website and Graphics Package
    • Professionally Written Sales Letter (Already Formatted and Loaded into Your Site)
    • 5-part Email Mini-series to Increase Sales and to Turn Casual Visitors into Buyers
    • Complete Turn-key Package Ready for Delivery Each Month to Your Members
    • Hands-free Business Opportunity with HUGE Earning Potential

Here's how your new business works:

1) Sign up now for the ArticleApe Reseller Program
2) You'll instantly receive: 250 articles with Private Label Resale Rights pre-packaged for your customers; your custom reseller website with your sales letter pre-formatted and loaded into your site; and your 5-part email mini-series
3) Simply insert your name and order link into the sales letter and you're ready to start taking orders immediately!
4) Each month you'll receive 250 more articles with Resale Rights (pre-packaged for your customers) that you simply upload to your Site.
5) Your members pay you each and every month for these new articles, and the whole business requires zero effort on your part.

That's it! It'll take you about 15 minutes to set up today, then about 5 minutes a month to maintain. And you get paid again and again... Now that's truly passive, recurring income, and that's exactly why this program is like nothing you've seen before!

All For Just $97 a Month!

I've spent a lot of time, energy and money putting this package together for you. When you consider the value you're getting, I could easily charge $297 - $597 a month for this program.

You see, having ghost writers write these articles for you would cost $10 (or more) per article. So to do this on your own, you'd be shelling out $2,500 each month just for articles. Plus you'd need two months worth of reserve articles to get started. Which means you're looking a minimum of $7,500 just to get things going . . . and that's *before* you get your first customer! That's a lot of risk for a new business.

Please do yourself a favor, and allow me to remove all that risk for you...

Even if $7,500 in up-front cash is no big deal to you, you'd still have to come up with the topics, hire the ghost writers, manage the projects, proof read the articles to ensure quality, check them for duplicate content to make sure they haven't just copied from someone else, etc., etc., etc. I assure you it's tedious work.

But I'm offering to do all the "dirty work" for you, and allow you to reap all the rewards. You can start your article membership Site right now with no effort, no hassle, no ghost writers, no huge financial out-lay and no worries. It doesn't get any better than this!

Let's take a look at the real value of this offer:

250 fresh, high-quality articles every single monthAt least a $2,500 value! Each article is written by a professional writer, proof-read for quality and checked for originality.


Complete custom graphics package and websiteA $250 value! This is an absolutely beautiful graphics package custom designed just for you. Click HERE to see what it looks like, with the sales letter already formatted and added in.


Professionally written sales letter to help you sell your articlesAt least a $1250 value! I already know how to sell articles, and I'm going to give you a professionally crafted sales letter ready to suck cash from your visitors wallets.


5-part e-mail mini-seriesA $250 value This mini-series will help you capture casual visitors, follow up with them automatically and convert them into paying customers.


100% Turn-key Business & Hands-free Operation Priceless!


The ArticleApe Reseller Program has a real value of over $4,000! It's a truly turn-key business opportunity at a ridiculously low investment of only $97/mo. At this price you only need is 4 customers at $24.95/mo and you are making a profit.

• 25 customers is $527/mo profit for you
• 50 customers is $1,151/mo profit for you
• 100 customers is $2,398/mo profit for you
• 250 customers is $6,141/mo profit for you

As you can see the potential is HUGE! And very obstacle has been removed - all you have to do is take action. Simply click on the link below and secure your position in the ArticleApe Reseller Program right now. You will be up and running and taking orders today!

Click here to get started instantly for
ONLY $97 a month

Two minutes from now you'll have everything you need to start your very own article membership site. But you can not hesitate. To protect your investment, only 125 of these memberships will ever be offered. And once they are gone - they're gone for good.

So, act now to ensure you get one of the 125 coveted spots. They are filling up right now . . . as you're reading this, so... get started immediately!


I've earned over $13,485 reselling articles. I did this with practically no time or money invested on my part. This is a truly turn-key opportunity. The only question is: will you be smart enough to take advantage of it?

Dustin Struckman


So what are you waiting for? Everything you need is being handed to you on a silver platter. You could pay up to $10,000 to attend a weekend seminar where some guru helps you learn how to uncover hot niches on your own . . . or you can jump into a proven business in a red hot market that's already been discovered for you.

See the case study of this amazing system that's guaranteed to put you in profit! That's right, I'm so confident that you will make money with this program, I'm willing to guarantee it:



Try out the ArticleApe Reseller Program risk-free for 30 days. The guarantee is simple: Either you make money with this program or I'll buy it back from you!

Furthermore, if you're unsatisfied for any reason whatsoever simply ask for a refund at any time during your first 30 days and I'll promptly refund all your money.

After your first 30 days you can cancel at any time and never pay another dime!

And no matter what you decide, can keep the website and your first month's worth of articles as a 'Thank You!' for giving this system a try.

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!

Dustin Struckman


As you can clearly see, you have everything to gain and absolutely nothing to lose. Get started right now, and be in profit by tomorrow. And with the risk-free guarantee you really have no reason to delay. Start your very own article membership site today!

To YOUR Success,

Dustin Struckman

PS Remember, there are only 125 spots in this program available. They are filling up as you read this, and once they're gone - they're gone for good. So please don't miss out on this incredible opportunity.

PPS This is a brand new offer, and I reserve the right to raise the price at any time. However, if you sign up today you are guaranteed the lowest rate of just $97/mo. Secure your position now and lock in this ridiculously low introductory offer.