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The Content Is Very High Quality

After I got my first package of articles, I put up a few of them on my website and within 24 hours I had 3 e-mails from visitors thanking me for writing such a quality piece for them. The content is very high quality and exceeds anything I ever expected. Keep up the good work!.

Frank Bans, Eugene, OR

Newsletter is covered for a full year!

I run a health related newsletter and I had to e-mail you and say thanks. With all of the quality articles you provided, I was able to upload them all to my autoresponder software and now my newsletter is covered for a full year! You've saved me a minimum of 300 total hours this year, thanks!!!

Billy Call, Mountain Home, AR.


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Monday, February 19th, 2007

From: Dustin Struckman

Dear Friend,

I'm sure that you're familiar with the new "fresh content" gold rush currently taking place on the Internet. Everyone is rushing to try and get new, original content to add to their websites.

This is for good reason...

Google loves original content and ranks your page higher in their search engine if you have it. Visitors love original content because it fulfills their need for quality information.

But until now you've been plagued with...

Stressful Days And Nights Spent Writing Content At A Speed That Just Never Seems Fast Enough...
Writing can be the most grueling task online. I've written many articles, books, and publications so I can very much empathize with you.

You try everything you can to aide your writing to hopefully make it easier...

1) Searching for ideas on Google

2) Creating content outlines

3) Writing interview questions

...but do any of them truly make it easier to write the content? Maybe, but they usually don't save you any time. In fact, you may spend more time on the content creation because you where creating the writing aide!

That seems like swimming in place to me.

That's why you absolutely need a content stream that comes in every month that doesn't require you write a word. This is what is going to increase your income and grow your business.

That's where my ArticleApe Membership comes in to save you.

What can my ArticleApe do for you?

Bring Your Website To The Top Of The Search Engines!

It's a fact. Search engines love unique content.

Nothing will boost your search engine rankings faster than quality original content plastered all over your website.

There is a new technology that all the major Search Engines are using called Duplicate Content Detection or DCD. This technology reads your whole website and then goes out and compares it against all the other WebPages on the Internet.

What does this mean to you?

If too many other sites are using the content you have on your site, your site will get penalized and your rankings will go down.

That makes pulling all of those articles from articles directories and putting them on your website seem a little less appealing doesn't it?

Once again, ArticleApe saves you. You're going to get a fresh supply of 250 articles spread across 10 separate niches every month.

The search engines will be happy with you, your website, and your content. You're site will attain and maintain high rankings.

I'm sure you also want leads to promote products to as well, right?

You'll Attract Hoards Of New Subscribers And Keep Current Ones Loyal Until E-mail Goes Out Of Style...

With the ever rising commercial nature of the Internet, you need something to stand out from the crowd to build a subscriber list.

Your visitors expect to be sold now. They know the proverbial "pitch" is coming. That's why you need to give them something of extremely high "perceived value" to sign-up for your mailing list.

Think about it, with all my ArticleApe content you'll be able to put together "rockin" eCourses and Reports using the quality articles you get.

With so many articles, you can create dozens of subscriber incentives!

Quality content is also going to keep your subscribers happy.

If you consistently publish informative & interesting information to your list, they will be more than happy to click over to websites selling products you suggest to them.

ArticleApe will give you enough content to spread out over years if you choose so your subscribers are always happy.
Make Your Products Stand Out From The Crowd
I'm sure you've seen the hundreds of products on the market that are using the same products to throw into their packages as bonuses. This is integrity suicide!

Nothing says "el cheapo" more than a product that has a bunch of bonus's that 40 other people are offering or that can be found for free on other websites.

Your ArticleApe membership is quickly  going to give you the ability to add completely original bonus' to your products.

A customer will be much more likely to buy and trust a website that offers unique, original bonuses and products. It shows that the business really wants their customers to get value from their products.

Looking To Achieve Guru Status?

If you've been looking to seriously boost your online income then becoming a well respected expert in your market will help you achieve that.

Nothing says "Pro" more than someone who is constantly producing fresh content that their market loves.

If you are providing new information for your subscribers every week or two they will view you as being on the "cutting edge" of the market.

They will know that you have your finger firmly on the pulse of your market and will view you as the Authority on the subject.

Nothing brings in more Joint Ventures, links to your sites, and recognition than being viewed as an expert in your market.

With this comes more sales, higher income, and less work. All great things as I'm sure you'd agree.

Exactly How To Boost Your Profits Using The Premium Content In my ArticleApe

Here are just some of the ways you can pull in a hefty income with your premium content...

1) Create quality mini eBooks that you can plug affiliate links into to generate big time affiliate income.

2) Offer some of the articles as a meaty report that your visitors can give away to promote your site. You can even brand it with their links so they make affiliate income!

3) Put together a content site and put your Google Adsense code into the pages for hands free Adsense income.

4) You get 25 articles in 10 niches for a total of 250 articles every month so you can load up your articles to go out once a week and have a newsletter set for a year in advance.

Or two years in advance if you send out an article every two weeks!

5) Add an eCourse to your products as a bonus that goes out weekly past the refund time! This will dramatically cut down on refunds because they want the rest of the quality eCourse that is continuing past the refund deadline!

6) Use some the articles to attract new subscribers and clients to opt-in to your list and then use more of the articles to follow-up with them and sell them.

7) Arrange the articles into a full fledged paid product and sell it for big money!

8) Submit the articles under your name to all of the article directories you can get your hand on and get hoards of traffic, links to your site, and higher search engine rankings.

That's just a few of the things you can do with this high quality content. I'm sure you can see the potential of this amazing opportunity...
What Exactly Are You Going To Get?

1) High Quality Content - This isn't your run of the mill garbage content that you see on most of the software generated websites. You and your customers will be proud to display, share, and sell this premium information with people.

2) 250 total articles every single month. You'll never run out of fresh content. Your visitors, subscribers, and customers will be wondering "How is this person producing so much quality content?" but they'll never know your secret weapon.

3) 25 articles spread across 10 niches. You and your customers aren't left with 250 articles in just one niche. You get variety so you and your customers can multiply your income streams.

4) The right to do what you want with the products. It isn't hard to see all the possibilities that you have with this content. Take a look above for a few ideas to get your started.

5) Reliable delivery of 250 new articles in 10 different niches every month. I have a team of experienced writers writing every day of the week to make sure that you have a boatload of content every month.


And that's not all...

In addition to providing you with all the content you need to make a killing with Google AdSense, I'm also going to give you a powerful free tool to ensure you maximize your results.

Here's how it works:

1) Once a month you upload the .zip file that I'll provide you which contains 250 keyword-rich articles.

2) That's it! After you upload the .zip file, the software takes care of the rest automatically:

  • First it converts each article inside the .zip file into an HTML page.
  • Then it posts each one of these articles to your website as posts to your "blog" (also created automatically by the software).
  • Plus, it automatically adds your Google AdSense code to every page, so you get paid!
  • And, it only posts 10 per day, so Google doesn't think you're spamming. The benefit of spreading the posts out over the course of the month is that your Site appears to be "active". Google loves this, so your Site gets re-listed on a regular basis...
  • Finally, it "pings" the major ping services every time a new article is posted for you. They in turn notify Google and other search engines of your new content.

So, all you have to do is upload one single .zip file and the rest is handled automatically to make your Site extremely search engine-friendly. The effect is that your Site gets indexed again and again and you get paid!

* If some of the terms above don't make sense, don't worry because everything is 100% automated for you!

You're Getting Premium Articles At More Than A 99.8% Discount Over What You Would Pay Someone To Create One For You

If you where to hire someone form eLance or any of the other outsourcing websites online you'd get a quote of $20-$75 per article depending on what you wanted them to write.

So you're getting more than a 99.8% discount minimum per article. And that's on the low end of what you would pay for a single article.

At the low going rate of $20 per article, You're getting a real $5,000 in value every month with your membership.

But are you going to pay that? No way.

In fact your membership is yours for a measly $24.95 a month - that's less than 10 cents an article!

That's peanuts. Think about it, if all you did was slap the 250 articles up on a website every month with Google Adsense Ads, you're golden!

And I'm going to make sure that you have zero risk because....
Your Membership Is 100% Guaranteed To Make You Money & Get You Noticed Or I'll Open My Wallet And Buy It Back!

You heard right. I will buy back your membership if the articles don't make you income and help you gain notoriety.

I will also let you keep the articles as my gift to you for just taking my ArticleApe for a spin.

I want to make absolutely sure that you have every reason to act now and zero reason to delay so I'm taking all the risk for you.

Just take the my ArticleApe for a spin and I'm sure you'll agree it's the best investment you've ever made online.

I wouldn't put my own profits at risk if I though for one second you wouldn't be an absolutely happy customer!

Do Not Delay, Memberships Are Extremely Limited

I am limiting the amount of memberships that are up for grabs to protect the value of the content for all of the other members.

Only 250 memberships are being made available so if you wait and the available slots sell out, you're going to be left in the cold.

Stop Wasting Your Time Writing Content And Let Me Deliver It To Your Desktop Every Month!

Order Right Now And You'll Be Downloading
Your First Article Package In 2 Minutes Flat!

To Your Success,
Dustin Struckman

PS Please don't delay. When memberships sell out and you email me asking to give you a membership, it's not going to happen. You wouldn't want me to do that if you were one of the 250 who acted quickly. So act NOW and join the content elite!

PPS If you order right now, you can get 1,000 articles instead of just 250! You'll get 750 extra articles as a free bonus. I reserve the right to pull this bonus down at any time, so to ensure you get them you must order before midnight tonight...

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